Local Agencies Prepare For Hurricane Sally

CHARLOTTE, NC – Planning and preparation are underway tonight as Hurricane Sally continues to track towards the Carolinas. The potential for inches of rain has some concerned about the ability to avoid devastating flooding. 

“It really can’t move that much water. So it can’t move the water down much faster than that,” said Brandon Jones, the Catawba Riverkeeper. 

He says flood-prone areas like Riverside Drive in Mecklenburg County must always be ready. 

“If we get more rain than that, then there is nothing really they can do. The levels just go up,” said Jones. 

In 2019 more than 100 homes here flooded. The result was Duke energy changing some policies and launching an app to keep people better informed. Some homeowners filed a lawsuit against the power giant. 

“We’re aggressively moving water through the river system to create more storage,” said Kim Crawford, with Duke Energy.

She says they are expecting three to eight inches of rainfall during this event. 

“Depending on where it falls and if it stalls out over a certain area. You could see spilling on some reservoirs,” said Crawford. 

She says people should pay close attention to forecasts and alerts. 

“We just really want people to stay informed. We’re concerned with public safety,” said Crawford.

The city of Charlotte also encourages people to be proactive in their communities to prevent flooding. 

“There are more than 100,000 storm draines in the city of Charlotte alone. We can’t get to all of them, so we need the folks out there and the residents to help us out and clear out the storm drains,” explained John Wendel, with Charlotte Mecklenburg Stormwater Services.