Edge On The Clock: James Cameron Says Despite COVID Delays, Avatar 2 Is Done

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – All hope is not lost yet for 2020! Director James Cameron has revealed that even with a four and a half month shut down, filming for Avatar 2 is 100% complete. Cameron gave Arnold Schwarzenegger the details via video conference. He also says production for Avatar 3 is about 95% complete.

Plus, Fat Bear Week is back! The annual online competition, made famous by Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve, is now in its sixth year. The event shows how the region’s brown bears have fared after months of devouring 4,500 calorie sockeye salmon.

And, NASA’s new $23M space toilet is ready to launch. The Universal Waste Management System is heading to the International Space Station Tuesday. Not only does this expensive space toilet provide bathroom amenities for astronauts, it also recycles water that will be used again for other uses.

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