Would You Rather The Panthers Have A Winning Season This Year Or A High Draft Pick?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It’s Victory Monday. The first Victory Monday for the Panthers of the 2020 football season to be exact. Carolina, defeating the Los Angeles Chargers 21 to 16 in Sunday’s away game. Head Coach Matt Rhule spoke talked to reporters Monday about the win. He says he credits the coaching staff and players for turning things around after a two losses in a row. But, he’s already onto the next game.

“To me the game is over. The fun of it’s over. Like, I’m on to the Cardinals. You know obviously we’re gonna try to clean up this game. Learn from it and I think the biggest key for this franchise right now is that we are as critical in a win as we were last week in a loss. Like, that is the key,” says Rhule.

Twitter sounded off with mixed reviews of the Panthers’ current status. One comment was: “I’m a new fan and I’m looking forward to being part of the community and to root for the Panthers every week.” And more seasoned fans, who know better than to get their hopes up just yet, saying “Uh oh, missed opportunities here we come. JK.”

Our question of the night: do you want a winning season or a high draft pick?

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