Amazon Unveils Palm Payment Feature To Speed Up Shopping

CHARLOTTE, NC – Purchase power no longer in your hand, it is your hand. Amazon unveiled Amazon One on Tuesday. It’s a platform that allows people to pay with their palm. 

With a wave of your hand, people in Seattle are able to purchase products with a scan of their palm at Amazon Go stores. 

“You’ve got to start to equate the way efficiency in shopping wants to happen versus trying to keep yourself secure,” said Mike Holland with Cybersecurity company Fortalice Solutions.

He says there are some concerns whenever you share more personal data with a third party. 

“Could it be hacked? The answer is yes, it could be hacked,” said Holland. 

The new feature to speed up shopping connects your palm print to a stored credit card so you can place your hand above a sensor to enter and buy items. 

“It’s good. It’s real good. I like that,” said Dora, a shopper in Charlotte.

She says it would be a welcome feature at more stores locally especially in the COVID era. 

“You know you can use your hand. You don’t have to be around people that much,” said Dora.

Holland says this palm print could provide an additional layer of security.

“Any time we look at what we call multi-factor authentication for use of data, that might be a really good thing,” said Holland.

He says the technology is still very new, and he has questions about whether personal data could be sold to other companies. 

“Moving data that is tied to an individual needs to be held secure,” said Holland. 

Right now the palm payment is only at Seattle Amazon Go stores. More of those stores are expected to open in major cities across the country in the coming months.