Kylie Jenner Gets Mom-Shamed For Giving Her Toddler Daughter A $12K Book Bag

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Kylie Jenner is being mom-shamed for gifting her toddler daughter a $12,000 bookbag. Jenner shared a video of her daughter, on her first day of homeschooling Wednesday, showing off her brand-new book bag. But not just any book bag: a pale pink Hermès Kelly bag.

The internet was soon to follow with criticism and “woe is me” comments, like “Stormi’s bookbag is 12k…my life is 12 dollars.” And, “How many school lunches for under-privileged kids could $12,000 have bought?”

Our question of the night: should Kylie be shamed or left alone for her daughter’s $12K backpack?

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