City To Test Bus Only Lane On Central Avenue In Plaza Midwood

CHARLOTTE, NC – People in Plaza Midwood are expressing mounting frustration with a controversial bus lane only project on Central Avenue. 

The trial test period begins later this week, but the signage and markings are already in place. 

On Monday, commuters were adjusting to the new signage and the bus only lane. 

“It kind of makes it easier for us to cross the street,” said Silas Tucker who lives nearby. 

Tucker says he appreciates the improvements for pedestrians. 

“It makes it easier to cross because the traffic is just in one lane. It’s better for the buses to stop and pick up people,” said Tucker. 

Others say traffic will still be a major problem.

“I don’t see the point of having it there,” said Mark Hamin.

The city’s pilot bus lane program begins on October 8th, but the lanes are already set up. The specific lane runs from The old Eastland Mall site to Eastway Drive. 

Charlotte Area Transit System said in a news release that the bus only lanes have been a positive change in other parts of the city. 

In December of 2019 the city did a similar pilot program here on 4th street. Those plans stuck. The city called the bus only lane a success. 

But people on Facebook are already upset about the change. 

One poster wrote “ This is going to be a total traffic nightmare for sure.”

Another writing “What a waste of roads and just adding to congestion on this road during all times of the day.”

The pilot program begins October 8th. The public can take a survey beginning October 25th.