S’moresgasbord: A Round-Up of S’mores in CLT

Move over, pumpkin spice. The real MVP of fall? S'mores.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Real talk… I’m not a PSL fan.  I said what I said.  So pumpkin spice, make way for the real MVP of fall:  S’mores.  In an astounding feat of insulin, we scoured the Queen City for the ooiest, gooiest, campfire-riffic treats and compiled them into one mega S’moresgasbord list.  Cause that’s about the size of the feelings I need to eat in 2020.

The Batchmaker S'mores Brownie & Cookie Sandwich

The Batchmaker – S’mores Brownie @thebatchmaker

I’ll never forget the moment I *finally* got to try the in high demand S’mores Brownie from The Batchmaker.  The first bite tasted like campfires and dreams and made all of my problems go away.  The heft of the bar?  Thicc.5 – she’s a real decadent diva.  Regrets?  None.  Bonus Points:  They also serve a s’mores cookie sandwich!

Upon visiting Sunflour for my regular afternoon work break cupcake, (I’d like to pretend I’m kidding here.  I’m not.) I noticed this slice of heaven sitting proudly in the confection case and had to try it. The marshmallow is straight up floofy.  You should go on an afternoon s’mores work break and try one yourself.

Insomnia Cookies S'mores Cookie

Insomnia Cookies – S’mores Cookie @insomniacookies

Me trolling CLT foodie Instagrams for baked goods is the likely culprit of my lack of sleep to begin with.  Lucky for me, Insomnia Cookies delivers until 1am.  That’s prime cookie time.  And they arrive warm.

Blue Blaze Brewing S'mores Blonde Ale

Blue Blaze Brewing – S’mores Blond Ale @blueblazebrewing

There are few seasonal Charlotte beer releases that I write down in my planner surrounded by sparkle gel-pen hearts.  This is one of them.  All that chocolatey, grahamy, marshmallowy flavor in a BLONDE ale!?  Indeed.  Usually, dessert-flavored beers are heavy stouts so this easy-drinker is a welcome change.  Made with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans and biscuit malt. Blue Blaze has brewed s’mores magic.  This seasonal release drops 10/3 so get over there and grab some cans.  Bonus points: they sell packets of DIY s’mores for their fire pits.

The Crunkleton Campfire S’mores

The Crunkelton – Campfire S’mores with Bourbon Marshmallow Fluff, Snicker Doodle Cookies & Chocolate Ganache @thecrunkeltoncharlotte

You fancy, huh?  The Crunkleton adds a little bourbon spirit to their rendition of campfire s’mores.  This dippable dish is served with soft snicker doodle cookies for DYI s’mores fun. (it gets a little mess, that’s part of the charm) Pro tip: scoop some of the marshmallow fluff and ganache into your provided bowl and crumble a cookie into it.  Then spoon it right to your face like you would from a jar of Fluff while standing in front of your pantry in your pjs.

This cookie packs a whole lotta s’mores punch.  It captures the essence perfectly.  Look at that mallow.  Just look at it.  It should be called cloudmallow instead of marshmallow cause I’ve never seen a marsh lookin’ like that.  I think the sugar is getting to me…

Crave Dessert Bar - S’mores Platter

Crave Dessert Bar – S’mores Platter @cravedessertbar

This platter is truly campfire magic.  It comes complete with a burner to toast your marshmallows to your preferred char. (Personally, I like the marshmallows to ignite because the  panic sparked by the flames makes them taste better.)

I like this bar because it’s more graham-centric.  The graham is the often undervalued yet integral part of the s’mores trio.  It almost feels like a healthy breakfast food.  Almost.  But honestly, what is time anymore?  Might as well s’mores up at 8am.

Wolfman Pizza - S’mores Pizza

Wolfman Pizza – S’mores Pizza @wolfmanpizza

I mean, shut up.  What else does a weekend need?  I rest my case.

S’mores fan?  Where’s your favorite spot to grab the goods?  Let us know cause we can’t stop, won’t stop til our jeans don’t zip.

Happy Fall, y’all!