New Business Applications Surge; Small Business Owners Bet On Themselves

CHARLOTTE, NC – Despite the pandemic and business closures, new business applications have soared across America as many businesses owners bet on themselves.  

New Businesses like Allegiance Coffee in Concord are popping up during the pandemic. 

“It’s been such a crazy year, we might as well just try it. I mean what’s the worst that could happen. I feel like the worst that could happen has already happened this year,” said owner Amber Olafsson.

Olafsson and her husband started the coffee shop in July. 

“It was a dream of ours to open a coffee shop with really awesome pastries one day. We didn’t think it would be this soon,” said Olafsson.

Olafsson says business is booming even with limited capacity and outdoor seating. 

“We open and were like, I hope people come and they have and it’s been amazing,” she explained.

It’s a similar situation across the country. According to the US Census bureau, there have been 56% more new business applications so far in 2020 compared to last year. 

In North Carolina, with nearly 3000 new business applications, the percentage is 50% more. 

In Mecklenburg county, tax records show hundreds of new businesses have started since march. 

Business License Industry:

Beer & Wine:      23

Restaurants:             159

Hotel/Housing:           54

Vehicle Rental:            7

“It’s only natural to be nervous opening in this type of environment,” said Lincoln Clark, the owner of Good Wurst Company in Plaza Midwood. 

Good Wurst opened in September. He says plans were put on hold due to the pandemic. 

“It was either push forward or pick up my toys and go home,” said Clark.

Clark says opening was a risk, but one worth taking. 

“It will be over eventually. I think we’re in a prime spot to be successful,” said Clark.

In South Carolina, there have been 1,390 new business applications so far this year. It’s a 36% increase compared to last year.