Florida Memorial University’s Athletic Department Hit Hard By COVID-19 Cases


In recent weeks COVID-19 cases have surged on the Miami Garden campus of Florida Memorial University. The athletic department has been hit particularly hard.

FMU restarted its football program for the first time since 1958 and already they’ve postponed their first home game twice. The school also postponed a men’s soccer game last week.

Athletes and parents told the Miami Herald, the outbreaks forced an entire team into isolation. One parent told the paper that speaking out on social media cost one athlete a spot on her team. Athletic Director, Ernest Jones says he is not aware of anyone being removed from a team due to online posts.

Students have said the university is not vigilant about contract tracing and isn’t requiring those that have been exposed to isolate.

Jones says the athletes get tested every three weeks which is less frequent than other college programs. Jones would not reveal the number of athletes who have tested positive.

Students are informed when there’s a positive test on campus, but the university doesn’t disclose numbers.

Last week the university closed campus due to the rising COVID-19 numbers.