How Masks Have Changed The Way We Communicate

CHARLOTTE, NC — Wearing a mask has become a common and necessary part of everyday life. And it’s altering the way we communicate.

“The way we communicate has changed. And we don’t know how much longer it’s going to be down this same path,” said Blanca Cobb, a body language expert.

“Look at all this information that you just can’t see,” continued Cobb, blocking the lower portion of her face.

She says masks limit facial information portrayed in conversation.

“You don’t see if my jaw is tight. You don’t see what I’m doing with my lips,” said Cobb.

“It’s harder because you can’t read lips. So you kind of really don’t know what anyone is really trying to say,” said Beraiah Baker.

We spoke with her in Uptown Charlotte on Friday.

“I’m relying on body language so much,” said Baker.

She says the masks also cover up more than just someone’s face.

“I feel like this mask covers up how people are really feeling,” said Baker.

Cobb says to better communicate, be expressive with your eyes and speak with conviction.

“You have fabric. You may have one layer or two layers depending on what kind of mask you have, so it muffles your voice. So you have to make sure that you’re projecting it,” said Cobb.

She says always be respectful and seek understanding.

“Don’t make quick judgments and just ask someone to repeat themselves,” said Cobb.