Spectrum Center Prepares for Early Voting Crowds

CHARLOTTE, NC – As early voting quickly approaches in North Carolina, workers at the 33 Mecklenburg County polling sites are busy making last minute preparations to welcome the expected record early voter turnout. 

Outside the Spectrum Center in Uptown the signs and ropes are up. For the first time, the site will be used as a polling site. 

“Our dedication is to make this a safe, efficient way for people to vote. So we’re excited about that,” said Donna Julian, the Spectrum Center General Manager. 

She says they have 19 registration tables and 38 polling stations, making it the largest site in the county. 

“We’re expecting a lot of people and we’re just going to have to deal with that and I’m excited about the opportunity to do that,” said Julian.

People will line up spread apart on 5th Street and enter into the lobby. Once inside, masks are recommended, sanitizer and wipes will be offered. 

Every voter who comes in will get a prepackaged pen. They can use the pens to fill out their registration forms if need be. Or they can use the stylus to make their selections on the voting machines. 

Once voters finish casting their ballot, they’ll exit at the home side doors. 

Other preparations include responding to any disruptions or intimidation. 

“We’re in this for the voters. We want to make sure they stay safe. We all play by the same rules and that everybody has a good voting experience,” said Micahel Dicerson, the Mecklenburg County Elections Director. 

Dickerson says they’ve been in talks with CMPD to address any polling place problems. 

 “We continue to monitor information from numerous sources coming in, all in an effort to make sure our citizens have a safe voting experience,” said Lt. Stephen Fischbach with CMPD. 

He provided few details, but did say each division captain will have a list of polling locations to do routine checks. 

Early voting begins Thursday morning. It will last until Saturday October 31st.

For a list of early voting sites, click here.