A Record Number of People Cast Their Ballot On Mecklenburg County’s First Day of Early Voting

CHARLOTTE, NC – A record day for early voting in Mecklenburg county. More than 35,000 people voted on Thursday.  The first day of early voting in North Carolina.

More than 230,000 people voted in person state wide.

“We need it now more than ever. Vote vote vote,” said one voter at a West Charlotte precinct.

The energized voters say they’re excited to be at the polls.

“I think it’s a pivotal time in our country,” said Kelly Mcaulife.

She voted early at Bojangles Arena.

“It is my duty as an American. You know if you want to take pride in your country, then you have to be active and to have a voice is to show up and to vote,” said Mcaulife.

She says she Typically brings her children with her to take part in the process.

“It’s really important for them to see me voting, but unfortunately with COVID, you know I’ve got a babysitter,” said Mcaulife.

Lines wrapped around buildings throughout the county as 33 sites welcomed thousands of voters.

“It’s truly truly been exciting. A Lot of people. We applaud everybody who came out,” said Michael Dickerson, the Mecklenburg County Elections Director.

He says 35,212 people voted on Thursday. A record number for any single day of early voting ever.

“The first day of early voting in 2016, 13000 people [voted],” said Dickerson.

People wore masks at the polls and stood apart in the lines that extended outside.

“Very easy. I would say this is the way to go,” said Janice Quintana.

She says her first stop was too crowded so she decided to vote at Bank of America stadium.

“And they’re giving you a Panthers mask as an extra perk,” said Quintana.

If you’re unable to vote in person or have COVID concerns, there is still time to request an absentee ballot.

“You can still request that for another week and a half. Go ahead and get your request in if you’re fearful,” said Dickerson.

In-person voting now underway across North Carolina. Patriotic people are flocking to the polls.

“I don’t want my vote to not count. So I’m here in person to push that button,” said Mcaulife.