Edge On The Clock: 2 Young Sisters Brawl Over Blowing Out Birthday Cake Candles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Have you seen the viral video of two young sisters in Brazil fighting at a birthday party? You can see the older sister lean in and blow out her younger sister’s candles at her third birthday party. And three-year-old Maria was not happy. She grabs her sister by the hair and yanks her, as the crowd of adults watch in shock and awe.

Plus, the Fast and Furious is approaching its finale! The central franchise will end after its 11th film. The latest installment, tersely titled F9, is set to debut next year.

And, the world’s longest flight from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey is back and now it’s even longer. The Singapore Airlines flight covers a staggering 9,500 miles and takes around 18 hours.