Woman Cough, Shouts At Passengers After Being Kicked Off Plane For Refusing To Wear Mask

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Lots of people talking about viral video of a woman being kicked off a plane from Belfast, Northern Ireland to Edinburgh, Scotland for not wearing a mask on Sunday. Another passenger onboard tells the Edinburgh News the woman first asked for a row to herself before the incident. Then, when flight attendants asked her to wear a mask, she refused. They asked the woman to de-board the plane. As she did, she shouted, in part, “Everybody dies, whether it’s corona or not, everybody dies!” And, she coughed on fellow passengers as she exited. She was then arrested by airport police in Belfast.

Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is taking a tough stance on travelers who don’t mask up. According to interim guidance, passengers and operators of public transportation should wear masks that cover their mouth and nose. That includes on planes, trains, ships, ferries, subways, buses, rideshares, and any other public transport.

The CDC goes as far as to say passengers who refuse to wear masks should not be allowed to board or be booted off as soon as possible.

Our question of the night: should people who refuse to wear masks be kicked off airplanes?

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