The Pandemic And Presidential Race Driving Voters To The Polls Early

CHARLOTTE, NC – Eight days from Election Day and people continue to turn out to the polls in droves, driving record turnout.  

“Lines were great. You’re in and out. So let’s get out and vote,” said Corey Holliday, a voter in the University area. 

More than 20,400 people cast their ballots early. 

“I had already made my decision on who I was going to vote for,” Londa Holliday. 

Energized voters heading to the ballot picking candidates that align with their ideals and values. 

“I do not want my children or my future grandchildren to be in a country that is so divided,” said Londa Holliday. 

“It is important to vote. Our ancestors died for this,” said Kimberly McCollie, a voter in East Charlotte. 

MeCklenburg County elections director Michael Dickerson says the pandemic and the presidential race is likely pushing voters to the polls. 

“Voters in this county tend to like doing early voting in a presidential election,” said Dickerson.

He anticipates roughly 350,000 people to vote early. He says more than 100,000 absentee ballots are to be cast. And fewer than 100,000 people to actually vote on election day. All records. 

“Go vote early now because by the time you get to this weekend, it’s going to be busy,” said Dickerson.

Other key races are driving people to the ballot box. 

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is holding a lead in the polls over challenger and Lieutenant Gov Dan Forest. Cooper and Forrest offer vastly different views on the coronavirus response. 

The North Carolina U.S. Senate race is even narrower with recent polls showing Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham with a 1 to 2 point lead over incumbent Thom Tillis. Cunningham is dealing with the fallout of an affair that was revealed through text messages. The Tillis campaign shifted its advertising to attack Cunningham on that front. 

The last day to request an absentee ballot for this election is by 5pm Tuesday.