Feeling Stressed Out Right Now? You’re Not Alone

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – With Election Day less than a week away, many Americans are on edge. A survey out this month from the American Psychological Association shows nearly 70 percent of respondents say the elections are a significant source of stress. And 77 percent are worried about the country’s future.

To help cope with that anxiety, many people around the country are turning to substances like CBD, a chemical compound from the cannabis plant, which is said to help the body relax. Edge producer Brandon Refour spoke to the founder of Amour CBD, Ed Donnelly. He says 2020 has prompted his customers to buy more CBD “We talk to our customers all the time and they say the election is so tense, so divided, they lose friends over it. You can’t have a discussion about it. They’re finding that the CBD both relaxes them during the day and helps keep them calm but then, as important, it helps them get a good night’s sleep,” says Donnelly.

Donnelly adds that if you do try CBD products, make sure they are FDA certified.

Our question of the night: how are you coping with election anxiety?

This episode’s panel features:
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