Just Days From The Election And Undecided Voters Still Mulling Their Decision

CHARLOTTE, NC – A week away from the election and there are still some undecided voters. Political scientists say campaigns are adjusting their strategy leaving many undecided voters stuck in the middle. 

Never before has a race or candidates been more polarizing.

“This year there are fewer undecided voters than usual,” said Eric Heberlig, a political science professor at UNC Charlotte. 

He says people have very strong opinions about the presidential candidates and their bases haven’t wavered. Leaving a smaller pool of undecided voters to pull to their side. 

“The campaigns kind of ignore them and throw red meat to their base to make sure they are outraged enough to get to the polls,” said Heberlig. 

In a typical year, about 15% of voters are undecided at this point.  But in 2020, according to recent polls, just about 4% of voters are undecided. 

“Often a chunk of the people who are undecided this late just decide not to vote at all,” said Heberlig. 

He says others will get to the parking lot at a polling location and still not have their minds made up until they’re in front of the ballot inside. 

“Honestly it would be very easy for me to just vote straight ticket,” said Mark Minn, an undecided voter from Rowan County. 

Minn, a registered Republican, says this year he is feeling influence from his wife that is contrary to some of his beliefs. 

“I respect that. I don’t necessarily understand it,” said Minn.

It’s caused him to pause and consider a third party candidate. 

“Maybe i should try to understand her reasons a little bit more, but I’m not sure I would ever feel as strongly as she does,” said Minn.

Like many undecided voters, Minn plans to use the remaining days to think through his decision. He says he still plans to vote.