Key Down Ballot Races For North Carolina Voters

CHARLOTTE, NC – It’s a full ballot for people in North Carolina with races that will shape everything from who oversees public schools and agriculture. Here is a look at some key races. 

The North Carolina Auditor is responsible for ensuring taxpayer dollars are reported correctly and spent efficiently. 

The race is between incumbent democrat Beth Wood and Republican challenger Anthony Street

“Under my leadership, the office of the state auditor has uncovered hundreds of millions of dollars of wasteful spending,” said Wood in a campaign ad. 

Wood has been in office since 2009. She’s a CPA and says she’s taking politics out of the job. 

Meanwhile, Street is a small business owner from Brunswick county. He says saving and investing are top priorities. 

“I’m sick, as a Ronald Reagan conservative republican, of wasteful spending of our hard earned tax dollars,” said Street in a video posted on his campaign website. 

The Commissioner of Agriculture oversees and maintains agriculture in the state as well as the North Carolina State Fair. 

Republican Steve Troxler has been in office since 2004 and was pivotal in writing the state’s current hemp laws, but does not support legalizing marijuana.

He and his Democratic Challenger Jenna Wadsworth both grew up on farms. That’s where the similarities end. 

Wadsworth is young, LGBTQ, and is in favor of legalizing marijuna. She also regularly posts on social media.

The Commissioner of Insurance regulates the industry in the state and investigates fraud.

Wayne Goodwin is the challenger, but previously held the title for 8 years.

The Democrat says his number one goal in office would be to expand access to health insurance and improve upon the affordable care act. 

“On My watch I strongly advocated for preexisting conditions to be covered,” said Goodwin in a campaign ad. 

Mike Causey is a veteran with nearly 30 years in the insurance industry.. He is in favor of free market solutions and says more needs to be done to reduce the cost of health insurance and prescription drugs.

A campaign ad posted to Causey’s website says he “doubled the number of investigators. Holding people accountable for gaming the system.”

The North Carolina Superintendent of public instruction oversees the state’s public school system. 

Democrat Jen Mangrum and Repulican Catherine Truitt both agree on expanding health services for students and raising teacher pay. 

Mangrum  is an associate professor at UNC Greensboro. 

“Our schools are not failing. Our leadership at the department of public instruction is failing,” said Mangrum in a campaign ad. 

Truitt is  the Chancellor of Western Governors University North Carolina. 

“We must look at K-12 and how we need to reform it in terms of what is needed in our economy,” said Truitt in a video posted on her campaign facebook page.