NC Records Highest Single Day Number Of COVID Cases; Hospitals Prep For Vaccine

CHARLOTTE, NC – More than 3,100 people tested positive for coronavirus in North Carolina on Wednesday. It’s the highest single day number since the pandemic began. 

The key metrics are moving in the wrong direction. State and local health leaders have warned about the dangerous trends for days. 

“ It’s about the health of our people. It’s about the fiscal health of our people. The ability of our people to manage their lives. All of that has to play into it,” said Mecklenburg County Health Director Gibbie Harris. 

Mecklenburg County is averaging 210 new cases per day. There are 144 current hospitalizations. And 7% of people who are tested are positive for the virus. 

Harris says her concerns are Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 

“If you think about what Black Friday has looked like over the past years. So i think this is going to have to be something that we watch closely as well,” said Harris. 

As the fight to stop the spread continues, hospitals locally are making preparations to store and administer a COVID vaccine. 

“We hope to have a concerted effort between the systems so that we can get it out to the most people in the community that we can,” said Atrium Infectious Disease Dr. Lewis McCurdy. 

He says they’ve already purchased freezers and have the capacity to store several thousand doses. 

“We recognize that in the beginning we’re probably going to be limited in the number of vaccines that we have and how we best get that out to our front line health care workers,” said McCurdy. 

Both Novant Health and Atrium hospitals are constantly assessing space for a potential COVID surge. 

“We are facing capacity challenges because of the number of patients seeking regular care as well as coronavirus patients,” explained McCurdy, “right now, we feel comfortable with the capacity we have and we continue to look at ways to maximize that.”