Ticketmaster Will Book New Shows, If You Give Them Access To Your COVID Health Records

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Ticketmaster is making waves after plans for their post-COVID, pre-concert checklist surfaced. Billboard reports that Ticketmaster is planning to check the coronavirus vaccination status of concert-goers prior to shows once a treatment is approved.

They’ll have customers use their cell phones to verify their vaccination records, or whether they’ve tested negative for the virus within a 24 to 72 hour window.

The plan is still being ironed out, but as of now it would utilize three separate components, including the California-based company’s digital ticketing app, third-party health information firms like Health Pass by CLEAR and testing/vaccination distributors.

And anyone who tests positive or doesn’t get screened won’t be granted access to the event venue. People are sounding off online. One person saying, “I have tickets to see harry styles and will not take the vaccine, maybe be tested, but not a fully tested vaccine (angry face emoji).” And, “A ticket sales place shouldn’t have this type of power. Leave it up to the venue.”

Our question of the night: is Ticketmaster within its rights to check your health status before a concert?

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