Royal Caribbean Will Let You Cruise For Free, But There’s A Catch

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Major cruise line Royal Caribbean is looking for volunteers to climb aboard a cruise ship during the pandemic, in exchange for a free ride. The company says it already has thousands of people hoping to volunteer.

The volunteers would set sail on a series of mock cruises, to try out new safety protocols put in place to protect passengers during the pandemic. The CDC says cruise lines must simulate real world cruising conditions before they can get permission to set sail once again.

The first test cruises will reportedly be short trips to CocoCay in the Bahamas next year. Volunteers will get to cruise for free, but it likely won’t feel like a vacation. The simulated voyages have to meet a series of guidelines from the CDC including:

– Requiring passengers be over the age of 18 with no pre-existing medical conditions.
– Requiring on-board face coverings and physical distancing.
– Testing all passengers & crews when they embark and disembark the ship.
– Having a protocol in place for when a passenger tests positive, such as quarantine and cabin confinement.

Our question of the night: would you volunteer to go on a cruise ship right now, even if it were free?

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