Edge On The Clock: New Study Says Playing Video Games May Make You Happier

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Bad news for all of us trying to keep our families off video games – because the gamer in your life will use this in their next screen-time argument with you. A new study says playing video games may improve your mental health and even make you happier. The study is from the University of Oxford. Researchers analyzed industry data from gaming companies to study thousands of people who played two different video games and found that people who played the games said they felt happier.

Plus, Oreo will now come in a gluten-free option. The new version will hit store shelves in January. It’ll look like a regular Oreo, but in white packaging.

And, looking for a scent that sums up 2020? Here it is, in candle form. A novelty company called Flaming Crap made it. They say it has four layers: hand sanitizer, banana bread, woody musk, and the smell of cheap after shave.

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