Edge Twitter Poll: 54% Of Those Surveyed Are Not Traveling This Thanksgiving

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Thanksgiving is next Thursday. And maybe you’re still trying to decide how to handle holidays this year. If you’ve decided not to travel, you’re not alone. AAA is predicting fewer Americans will travel this Thanksgiving after another rise in cases of COVID across the country. Because of that, traffic is expected to be lighter and gas prices cheaper: about 50 cents cheaper than they were this time last year.

AAA’s Jeannette McGee says their original forecast predicted about 50 million Americans would travel for Thanksgiving. “But, since that forecast was put together we know that number has definitely decreased and that’s because…it’s the pandemic. COVID number are increasing and states are changing their regulations, their guidance in terms of travel when you leave the state and when you return,” she says.

McGee also says, “People are just making the decision not to travel. We’re going to see an at least 10% decline compared to 2019.”

Our question of the night: what are your Thanksgiving plans?
1. No travel this year
2. Traveling but taking precautions
3. Same as always

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