Edge On The Clock: Giant Food Pulls Ad With “Poor” Word Choice In Pandemic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The grocery chain Giant Food is pulling a new ad, calling it a mistake. The ad, which appeared in the company’s magazine called Savory, shows a feast of food, and has the caption, “Hosting? Plan a super spread.” The company has issued a statement which reads in part, “While in hindsight the choice of words was a poor one, Giant had no intentions of insensitivity.”

Plus, bacon and beer. If those are two of your favorite things, Waffle House and Oconee Brewing Company have a new product for you. It’s “Bacon & Kegs,” a bacon-infused red ale.

And, Costco is now selling private aviation memberships. It’s just a wee bit more expensive than the normal bulk groceries they are known for, with a $17,500 price tag.

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