Would You Accept $1M Cash From A Friend Or Would It Be Weird?


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It really pays to have friends in high places, especially ones like George Clooney. The actor is confirming an urban legend about himself in the latest GQ Men of the Year issue.

Clooney says it’s true: he did gift 14 of his closest friends $1M in cash, each. Clooney says he wanted to show his friends how grateful he was for their support over the years, saying he was friends with them before he was rich and famous and sleeping on their couches. To show his gratitude, he rented a florist van in Los Angeles, drove to a place where he could get a pallet of cash, and had security guards fill 14 suitcases with $1M.

Our question of the night: would you accept $1M in cash from a friend?

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