Edge On The Clock: People Magazine Says Michael B. Jordan Is Sexiest Man Alive

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – People Magazine has chosen Michael B. Jordan as the Sexiest Man Alive for 2020. The 33-year-old shared the news on Instagram. He says the women in his family are very proud of the award. But his mom is probably the most excited about the award, because she’s been reading and collecting the issues for years.

Plus, if you know what it means to “eat junk and watch rubbish,” this Airbnb in Dallas is your kind of place for Christmas. A homeowner has decorated their house to replicate the Home Alone film.

And, Raise The Woof is billed as the first Christmas song written specifically for your pets. The little ditty was was made using scientific research into how dogs would react to it and early footage shows that they love it.