FAA Approves Boeing 737 Max Planes To Carry Passengers Again: Will You Fly In One?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The FAA has given approval for the Boeing 737 Max to carry passengers again. It comes after two disasters that killed 346 crew members and passengers, which forced Boeing to ground the plane for 20 months.

During that 20 month span, Boeing says it spent $600 million for pilot training and software upgrades in their effort to get the planes back in the sky.

CNBC Editor-at-Large Richard Quest says just because the planes are cleared, does not mean you will be flying on one before the end of the year. “The airlines now have to go through and implement the changes the FAA has required. First of all, software enhancements. The MCAS computer system doesn’t do what it does on Lion Air where it pushes the nose down. Secondly, you’ve got training for pilots. Steve Dickson the FAA Administrator has taken the new training plan and actually gone through it, he is a pilot. But now airlines have to put their own pilots through that training. And finally there are hundreds of 737 Maxes that are out there that have to be readied to fly again. They’ve been in storage for over a year, it could take several weeks to get each of those planes fit to go back in the air with passengers,” he says.

Our question of the night: would you fly on a 737 Max?

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