Restaurant Owner’s Rant Against Twerking Customers Goes Viral

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A restaurant owner is apologizing for scolding customers and telling them not to twerk inside of his restaurant. Kevin Kelley is the co-owner of True Kitchen + Kocktails in Dallas, Texas.

He says he asked the customers two times not stand up and dance on the furniture, but they continued to do so. After the third time, Kelley’s escalated his request. He said, “75% of my customers are ladies. And I want men to show respect for themselves and how they carry themselves here. So how can I tell the men to respect themselves and you guys are twerking on glass? You want to do it? Get the (expletive) out my restaurant. Because I did it for our people and for our culture. No, don’t do it again. If you don’t like it, get out because I don’t need your money.”

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter: “He’s not wrong at all. If he wants his restaurant to be a classy establishment, then ppl must follow his rules. If you do all that that’s fine, but there are other places to go to where you can dance.”

And, “Okay but if he wants classy, then play some damn classical music!”

Our question of the night: is the customer always right?

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