Felicity Huffman Set To Star In New Show: Does She Deserve Career Comeback?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Felicity Huffman is set to star in a new pilot. It comes after the actress served 11 days of a two week prison sentence for admitting she paid someone to correct her daughter’s SAT answers. The untitled show stars Huffman as a widowed woman who inherits her husband’s baseball team. It was inspired by Susan Savage, who owns Triple-A baseball team the Sacramento River Cats.

But social media seems less than impressed with the news, tweeting things like:

“This further illustrates to me that cheaters do win. This didn’t ruin anyone’s life. Lesson has not been learned. Character counts, except in Hollywood I guess.”
“Does the team cheat? Otherwise no one will buy it.”
“Well at least somebody is getting jobs during this pandemic.”

Our question of the night: does Felicity Huffman deserve a career comeback?

This episode’s panel features:
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