Carowinds Taste of the Season

A family-friend, safe way to sample holiday cuisine while enjoying the park

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to visit Carowinds, but they’re back with a brand new, mouth watering, holiday experience – Carowinds: Taste of the Season is now open. The event features holiday decorations, live entertainment, shopping, roller coasters and our personal favorite – food! We spoke with Carowinds Communications Director Lisa Stryker and Head Chef Mitch Weaver about what you can expect and how Carowinds is keeping you safe.

Food is the way to our hearts and we were lucky enough to sample a few of the offerings available at Taste of the Season. Here are some of our favorites:

Yuletide Crab Sandwich

Yuletide Crab Sandwich – Y’all. It’s pretty simple really – fresh crab meat in a grilled, buttery sandwich. If we could give an award, it would go to this. I’d give this as a gift to my closest friends. Truly a crowd favorite.

Baked Collard Tart

Baked Collard Tart – As a kid (and let’s be real, as an adult too) breakfast for dinner was the dream. This flavorful quiche with a deliciously crispy crust will help you live out that dream.

Holiday Dinner Egg Roll

Holiday Dinner Egg Roll – Savory and sweet all in one bite. You could leave these at the fireplace for Santa and he’d wake you up and ask for seconds.

Southern Pig Pickin’ Cake

Southern Pig Pickin’ Cake – A light, sweet cupcake made all the better with pineapple in the mix. Angels top Christmas trees, but you’d be forgiven for using this as a tree topper instead. It’s angelic is what I’m saying.

Blitzen’s Blitzed Fireball Cupcake

Blitzen’s Blitzed Fireball Cupcake – Sorry kids, this one’s for the adults. Who knew a chocolate cupcake could let loose with just a shot of Fireball? This boozy bit of goodness packs a kick. Maybe share it with a friend. It’s best to stay off the naughty list this time of year.