Charlotte Moves Task Force Recommends Sales Tax Increase To Fund Mobility Projects

CHARLOTTE, NC –  The Charlotte Moves Task Force presented it’s recommendation to increase sales tax in order to fund rail, road, and pedestrian projects throughout the city and beyond. 

It’s an ambitious, comprehensive, and expensive proposal. 

“I do think we’ve got to have a bold plan as it relates to transit,” said Councilman Larken Egleston. 

He will vote on the plan in upcoming council meetings. He says a plan must be implemented as soon as possible. 

“I think we’ve got to continue to move forward with the plan and have that ready when the opportunity presents itself for us to start to try and capitalize on it,” said Egleston.

The proposal calls for:

110 Miles of light rail lines

140 Miles of bus rapid transit

115 Miles of greenways

75 Miles of bicycle networks

60 Miles of Roads

The total cost is an estimated $8 to $12 billion dollars. About half will be funded by increasing the local sales tax from 7.25% to 8.25%. 

According to city estimations a household making $60,000 a year would end up paying an extra $180 per year. 

“In order to carry on and move forward, we really need to do this,” said Eric Zaverl. 

Zaverl is on the Charlotte Moves Task Force. He says their recommendations allow the city infrastructure to grow with the booming population. 

“It’s not just transit. It’s all different types of modes including roads targeting the most congested areas in Charlotte,” said Zaverl.

All task force members supported the plans, but some expressed concerns about buy in from other counties and the state. 

“I’m worried that there is going to be a commitment from Charlotte and not from neighboring communities and we’re going to be on the hook for that full $4 to $6 billion,” said Jim Mariscio, another member of the task force. 

There is still a long road to final approval. The city council must green light the plans. The state legislature must also sign off on the sales tax increase proposal. And voters could also get to weigh in on a November referendum.