Kirk Cameron Is Growing Pain For People Who Disapprove Of His Anti-Mask Caroling Protests

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Actor Kirk Cameron hosted a second Christmas caroling event Tuesday in California, protesting the state’s stay-at-home orders. It took place at a Ventura County mall parking lot. Few if any in the crowd were wearing masks.

Ventura County is under state mandated stay-at-home orders as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations surge. Gatherings are banned, except for the purposes of worship or political expression. Cameron described the event as a peaceful protest. He also said it was part of Sing It Louder USA. On its website, the group encourages people to gather and sing as a way to protest coronavirus restrictions.

The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks said it didn’t condone Cameron’s event, which the mall called irresponsible.

NPR reports that a six-month study on how singing spreads aerosol particles is underway right now. One of the researchers, Jose-Luis Jiminez, explained the physics, saying, “If you’re singing, you’re breathing in a lot of air, you’re breathing out very forcefully, and you’re also moving your vocal cords. The vocal cords are wet, they’re covered in this fluid, they’re vibrating, and that can also produce more particles.”

Our question of the night: will Kirk Cameron feel guilty if anyone who attended his caroling event gets COVID?

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