Mecklenburg Co. Health Officials Prepare To Vaccinate People 75 And Older

CHARLOTTE, NC – Mecklenburg County health officials are preparing to administer COVID-19 vaccines to people who are 75 and older beginning Wednesday.  Currently, health care workers and long term care residents are staff are being vaccinated.

It’s the next phase of vaccinations beginning wednesday morning by appointment only.

But the opportunities will be few.. as vaccine supply lags behind.

“I’m here today to get mine,” said Bob Kornfeld.

Healthcare workers and those on the front lines were getting vaccines at Bojangles coliseum on Monday.

“No problems immediately after the vaccine. Really felt no different from the first time around,” said Atrium Dr. Katie Passaretti.

She received her second dose on Monday afternoon.

“It gives me hope for the coming weeks and months as far as getting the vaccine out to more and more people and getting protection,” said Dr. Passaretti.

She’s had little to no side effects.

At Atrium Health, 7,730 healthcare workers have received their initial vaccine. There are another 13,000 scheduled in the coming days.

“The plan is to try and continue to get both doses in people, not to try and spread the first dose out over a broader population,” explained Passaretti.

So far, Mecklenburg County has administered 1600 doses of the vaccine. With the biggest struggle being the supply.

“Appointments are required, particularly because we have limited vaccine availability and also want to make sure we’re following complete COVID precautions throughout the entire appointment,” said Dr. Meg Sullivan with Mecklenburg County Health Department.

According to health officials they only have about 1500 doses to give out. Another shipment of 1900 doses are expected to arrive this week.

“We don’t always know from week to week exactly how much we’ll be receiving. And that plays into our challenges with making appointments available for individuals,” said Dr. Gibbie Harris, the Mecklenburg County Health Director.

Health officials say the roll out has been slow, but hope the process picks up as now people over 75 can sign up to receive their vaccination. But when registration opens, they’ll have to act fast.

“It will be a limited number and we will continue to open up appointments as they become available again based on our vaccine availability,” said Dr. Sullivan.