The Philadelphia Eagles Accused Of Intentionally Tanking Game Against The Washington Football Team

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Philadelphia Eagles are being called out after their loss to the Washington Football Team on Sunday. The team is accused of tanking the game by benching quarterback Jalen Hurts at the beginning of the fourth quarter. The Eagles 14 to 20 loss now gives them the number six pick in the NFL Draft this spring. It’s a move that social media was quick to pick up on. One person saying, “I think they wanted to tank to get the lowest (sic) draft pick possible.” Another wrote, “Clear and obvious tank. Seriously, that was embarrassing as an Eagles fan. A top 5 or 6 pick doesn’t guarantee a hit. Shaking my head…”

Here on the home front, the Panthers are no strangers to tanking accusations. Fans have wondered if the team tanked games this entire season. But it is officially over for the Cats. They finished with a 5 and 11 record, which gives them the 8th overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Our question of the night: should teams keep winning or keep tanking?

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