Caldwell County Police Investigate A Fatal Shooting At A Local Convenience Store

LENOIR, N.C. — Deputies say they were dispatched around 11:30 a.m. to an incomplete 911 call from a convenience store, the Market Basket, in Caldwell County where two individuals were shot and one man died on Tuesday, January 5th.

Detectives say 18-year-old Cedrick Harshaw of Granite Falls, N.C. died in the shooting, and a tire store employee was taken to a local hospital where they were treated for their gunshot wound injuries and later released.

Investigators say the shooting stemmed from an incident that occurred at a local tire store called Bolick’s Tire in Sawmills, N.C. on Monday, January 4th.

Around 10 a.m., an employee of Bolick’s Tire reported he was threatened with a gun after asking an individual to leave the property who was approaching several customers asking for money and transportation.

Deputies say they responded to the initial report, but were unable to find the individual who pointed the gun; who was described a Black man in his twenties, wearing a red jacket, and black pants.

On January 5th, deputies say another tire store employee saw a person matching the description of the suspect (who had pointed a gun at a fellow employee the previous day) entering the Market Basket next door, and notified their co-worker immediately.

Police say the employee who filed the original report walked into the Market Basket, along with two additional employees of Bolick’s Tire, and a physical altercation ensued between the employee who filed the report and the individual matching the description of the suspect.

After an employee of Market Basket asked everyone to leave, the fight stopped and the parties were separated, according to a news release.

Detectives say witnesses saw the individual in the red jacket exit the store to retrieve a handgun and fire multiple shots into the store, hitting one of Bolick’s employees who was not involved in the physical altercation.

The employee, who was shot, returned fire using a small caliber handgun hitting Harshaw, police say.

Detectives say a second tire store employee also retrieved a gun and fired one round.

Both individuals who were shot were taken to a local hospital, where one tire employee was later released and Harshaw later died, according to a news release.

Investigators say they are talking with the Local District Attorney’s Office regarding the circumstances of this incident.