Edge On The Clock: Dermatologists Call TikTok Face Waxing Trend “Dumb And Dangerous”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Clout-chasers are getting their entire faces waxed in a new viral TikTok trend that outraged dermatologists are deeming dumb and dangerous. The latest clip, posted by Kapsalon Freedom Barbershop in the Netherlands, shows a barber caking a patient’s face with wax. He even has wax-dipped Q-Tips stuck in his nose to extract pesky nasal hairs.

Plus, the internet is having a field day after singer Tory Lanez was photographed with bald spots in his head. It’s been suggested that Lanez received hair transplants years ago, which is why Twitter is roasting him.

And, an ice skater learned the literal meaning of skating on thin ice. In a viral clip that has been viewed more than seven million times, a man got a chilly surprise when the semi-frozen ice cracked as he skated over the Netherlands famous canal.

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