CMS To Allow More Fans At School Sporting Events

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — CMS officials say on March 1st they will increase the number of spectators allowed at outdoor athletic events after Governor Cooper’s newest executive order is enacted on Friday, February 26th that eases restrictions in North Carolina.

Officials with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools say the current limit of 100 spectators will be increased to allow 500 spectators at these games, with the home team allowed to have 300 fans and the visiting team allowed to have 200 fans present.

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CMS athletic directors say they will share ticket information with families looking to come see their kids play.

Officials say face coverings must be work at all times when on CMS property, and remind everyone social distancing remains in effect.

CMS officials say the North Carolina High School Athletic Association will send participating schools fine details for basketball playoff games scheduled for Saturday, February 27th.

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