Edge On The Clock: Michael Strahan Says He’s Surprised Anyone Cared About His April Fool’s Joke

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – April Fool’s! On April 1, Michael Strahan revealed he didn’t close the gap in his teeth after all. The NFL pro-turned talk show host shared in an Instagram post that he did not get his teeth done, and says he was surprised that so many cared either way. The 49-year-old says the gap is not going anywhere any time soon.

Plus, movie stars are moving in at SouthPark Mall! We spotted movie star trailers, equipment trucks, and crew signs in the mall parking lot Thursday afternoon.

And, people were no doubt mixing up more cocktails at home when the pandemic prompted the shut-down of bars and restaurants last year. And the travel rewards company Upgraded Points wanted to see which ones were most popular in each state.

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