Edge On The Clock: Mayor Vi Lyles’ Reaction During Meeting Launches Meme

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Mayor Vi Lyles is the source of a new meme after she told Charlotte City Council members to “keep up,” during the five hour 2040 Comprehensive Plan meeting. Lyles then sat back and rested her head in her hand. Charlotte Twitter seized the moment by tweeting things like, “Mama Vi Lyles was done with council last night, after 5 hours, she said lets take a break… because whew!”

Plus, New York Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar is recovering from multiple nasal fractures after being hit in the face with a baseball at 94 miles per hour.

And, singer Courtney Love is condemning the upcoming Hulu series called Pam and Tommy. The eight-episode limited series will chronicle Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s marriage following the theft and then release of their infamous sex tape.

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