Charlotte Leaders Present New Draft Of 2040 Plan

CHARLOTTE, NC – Charlotte city leaders presented the newest draft to the city’s 2040 comprehensive plan on Thursday.

“This plan reflects the input from literally thousands of Charlotte residents from across our city,” said Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt.

The new draft includes about 20 changes from the previous version; including an economic impact analysis to an anti-displacement committee.

“I will not use the word promise, but I will use the word protect,” said Taiwo Jaiyeoba, an Assistant City Manager.

The plan keeps in language that would allow duplex and triplexes to be built on all place types. But there are provisions built in that would give some power to neighborhoods.

“We want to make sure we protect integrity. Not only of the community, but of the plan itself,” explained Jaiyeoba.

“If we could prevent gentrification, we would. It’s happening so quickly right now,” said Eiselt.

The changing neighborhood landscape is a concern for many, including former council member Lawana Mayfield, who also plans to run again in the upcoming election.

She says housing supply can’t keep up with the city’s growth and that developers are taking over established neighborhoods.

“If you’re in the older communities that don’t have covenants; that don’t have a homeowners association. These are the communities that are seeing the greatest impact right now,” said Mayfield.

She says time is ticking and the city needs to act quickly to address what’s happening in dozens of Charlotte neighborhoods.

“We need to move forward. To say we’re going to push this back and delay this particular conversation and not have a plan. That is not going to benefit Charlotte,” said Mayfield.

The council will vote on the final plan on June 21st.