Bank Of America Stadium To Re-Open To 100% Capacity This Summer: Are You Comfortable With That?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Good news for Panthers fans. Bank of America Stadium will re-open to 100 percent capacity this summer. BofA made the announcement on Twitter on Monday. But the news did spark concern from some fans, one person saying, “is that wise?”

This, as mask mandates have been dropped across the nation but enforced differently at the state and city level. A restaurant in Chicago may be setting an example places like Bank of America Stadium can follow for fans who aren’t ready to mingle with the masses again.

Moe’s Cantina now has two sections for customers: one for people who’ve been vaccinated, and one for those who haven’t. The “non-vaccinated” side consists of partitions and distanced tables. Owner Sam Sanchez says customers will have to show proof of their full vaccination to get a pink bracelet in order to relax in a seat or stool in the area with zero restrictions.

Sanchez says, “I think this helps the businesses get back to a not even a break even, but closer to a break even.”

Oour question of the night: would you feel comfortable sitting in a “vaccinated-only” section?

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