Mecklenburg Covid Metrics Steadily Decline As Employers Work To Safely Return Staff

CHARLOTTE, NC –  Encouraging Covid news from Mecklenburg county leadership on Friday as key metrics continue to fall. As more and more businesses reopen, there is still some hesitancy among employees to get back into the buildings.

“Our metrics have shown incredible improvement over the last month,” said Dr. Gibbie Harris, the Mecklenburg County Health Director.

Daily covid case counts have dropped. Hospitalizations due to the virus remain low.

“Our positivity rate is at 3% which is the lowest since we began tracking that method,” said Harris.

About 50% of adults over 18 years old in the county are vaccinated. There is still a push to get more people vaccinated, expericially in East and West Charlotte neighborhoods.

“We continue to see strong, indisputable data that the Covid vaccine is safe, effective, and saving lives,” Dr. Meg Sullivan with the Mecklenburg County Health Department.

As Covid metrics improve and business returns to some normalcy; some employees are still cautious about getting back in the building.

“There is no denying the fact that there is some anxiety out there,” explained Jikku Venkat, the CEO of Return Safe.

His company helps businesses reopen safely. He says there is uncertainty about different covid variants and how long the vaccines can last.

According to a Return Safe survey, 27% of employees worry about others not being vaccinated and 16% are concerned about employer covid policies.

“What kind of cleanliness and hygiene protocols do you have in place in case there is an outbreak,” said Venkat.

Venkat says some employers are implementing distancing plans, safety procedures, keeping a low ratio of unvaccinated workers. It’s all in an effort to entice employees to come back to the office.

“Just be prepared and have some preparedness policy and procedures in place so you can take swift action,” said Venkat.