“I Had No Reason To Get Beat Up Like This.” – Emotional Court Hearing For Rock Hill Man Arrested In Viral Video

CHARLOTTE, NC – An emotional day at the York County courthouse. Ricky Price, the man who’s arrest was caught on video Wednesday was denied bond. The video of his arrest has led to protests and calls for an investigation.

“They were locking me up. I had no reason to get beat up like this,” said an emotional Price sitting in a wheelchair during his bond hearing on Wednesday morning.

Price spoke out several times during the brief hearing while detectives read his criminal history to the judge.

“I’m hurt. I ain’t have no medicine. I can’t. I ain’t have none of my stuff. I’m just hurt. I don’t know why they beat me like this. I didn’t do nothing to them. I complied. I swear I complied,” cried out Price.

Video of Price’s arrest went viral.. The video shows a struggle between Price and police. He was taken to the ground, legs beaten and nose broken. His brother Travis was also arrested for interfering with Ricky’s arrest. He bonded out of prison Thursday morning.

“There is no reason for the level of force we saw used on that video yesterday. There is no reason for that,” said Justin Bamberg, an attorney and South Carolina State Representative.

Bamberg is working with the family on Price’s case. Speaking during a news conference, he said he understands that law enforcement has a challenging job to do, but says Ricky’s arrest wasn’t right.

“How does an innocent person who is yet to be proven guilty end up in a wheelchair. It’s kind of frustrating,” said Bamberg.

According to a release from the Rock Hill police department, Price was pulled over for a minor traffic violation.

Rock Hill PD says “based on prior interactions with Price, Officers called for K-9 to conduct a vehicle sniff.”

During that investigation, officers say they found two bags of marijuana and a gun. Police say Price’s brother began “yelling belligerently and bumped an officer.”

They say during that altercation Ricky Price “attempted to flee and threw several punches. One of the punches struck an officer in the face.”

According to the release, the police used a K-9 and leg punches to gain compliance.

“Enough is enough,” said South Carolina State Rep John King.

King represents Rock Hill. He’s calling for an independent investigation. He says the police chief needs to take swift action.

“Either stop them from working or fire them. Because what I saw is unacceptable in this state,” said King.

Ricky Price was denied bond. His next court date is pending.