Super 8 Motel Employee Arrested After Fight With The Manager

CHARLOTTE, NC – Video of a fight at a Super 8 Motel in Union county is going viral. The scuffle between an employee and the manager led to the employee’s arrest. But the woman facing charges says the police have the wrong person.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was like, I could not believe this man slapped me,” said Mary Oliver.

She could be seen on the surveillance video delivering several blows to her boss at the Super 8 Motel on Venus Street.

Oliver says she was living at the motel and working as a custodian for the last four and a half months.

“I didn’t get not one dime the whole four and a half months,” said Oliver.

She says the manager mistreats the customers and employees.

On June 27th, she says she went to the office to get her paycheck.

“The whole video shows that in the beginning he was very mad, throwing stuff. Knocking stuff over. All because he doesn’t want to pay me my money,” said Oliver.

The video posted online shows Oliver go around to the office door, open it and swipe at a piece of paper the manger was holding.

“I just said get that paper out of my face because that’s not what we’re talking about. That’s got nothing to do with me. I want my money from the last four and a half months,” said Oliver.

The manager is seen slapping Oliver and then Oliver begins swinging.

“He slapped me and I didn’t like that so I’m taking action because something’s got to be done. He’s got to be stopped,” said Oliver.

Oliver was arrested for several charges including simple assault on the motel manager.

WCCB reached out to employees at the Super 8 and the corporate office  for comment and have yet to hear back.

Oliver says she was defending herself and plans to fight the charges in court.

“So Super 8, get ready because Superman is on the way. And it’s the Black Clark Kent,” said John Barnett, a civil rights activist and Oliver’s representative.

Oliver will have her first court appearance on September 16th. A local church is helping her find new housing in the meantime.