East Charlotte Residents Concerned About Hundreds Of Proposed Townhomes Near Their Property

CHARLOTTE, NC – People in an East Charlotte neighborhood say they’re upset with plans to build hundreds of townhomes right near their property.

The area was previously zoned for single family homes. The developer is now petitioning the city to change that zoning and allow for more units.

“Oh we don’t want it,” said Diyah Rasheed.

She is an original resident of the Heron’s Pond Neighborhood.

“This is a very quiet neighborhood. After eight o’oclock at night you hardly see anybody on the street,” said Rasheed.

She built her house in 2007 and has lived here ever since.

“We don’t need any more traffic over here,” Rasheed continued.

Rasheed says she opposes a plan to build roughly 260 town-homes in the 40 acre property that backs up to their neighborhood off of The Plaza Extension.

The potential development is directly across the street from a school. Residents say traffic during the school year is already congested.

“This proposed development does not have the intensity to rise to the level to require a traffic study,” explained Collin Brown, an attorney for the builder, Mattamy Homes.

During a zoom meeting with residents, Brown said there is good road infrastructure in the area and that the current single family zoning isn’t financially viable for the current market conditions.

“This is 40 acres which is walkable to a commercial center and a school. This property will be developed,” explained Brown.

Brown says there are several large parcels surrounding a nearby nature preserve that were purchased by the city and county and will likely be preserved.

“I do think this is a case where you’ll have some very large tracks in the area that will remain undeveloped,” said Brown.

Still, residents in the area say the project is too dense and too close.

“I understand that there has to be development. People need a place to live, but you can not stack people on top of each other like that. That doesn’t make any sense,” said Rasheed.

A public hearing on the rezoning effort will be held in October.. The earliest the city council would make a decision would be in November. Developers say construction would likely start in the spring of next year or later.