Groups Rally To Stop The Violence Days After Death Of 3 Year-Old

CHARLOTTE, NC – Several groups gathered at a “stop the violence” rally in West Charlotte on Tuesday night. Many were angered by the recent killings of young people in the city.

“It has to be a better way,” said Lucille Puckett, a community activist.

“If we can save one. We can save a generation,” Puckett continued.

Tuesday night’s gathering was a show of solidarity. And an opportunity to offer young people an alternative to guns.

“As the years go on, It seems like it’s getting worse. So we need to take back to the streets,” said Puckett.

Recent violence, including the shooting death of three year old Asiah Figueroa last week has moved many.

This is a crisis. If this community doesn’t understand trauma, we are in the midst of trauma right now,” said Lisa Crawford with Moms of Murdered Offspring.

People in the community calling on the adults to take a stand. CMPD says responsible gun ownership is lacking.

“We do have a lot of guns stolen out of guns and that does supply a lot of the guns that end up on the streets,” said CMPD Capt. Joel McNelly during a news conference last week.

As of June this year, 446 guns had been stolen out of vehicles in Charlotte. It’s a 65% increase compared to the year before.

Local activists say properly locking and storing weapons would dramatically cut down on violent outbursts in the city.

“If we can do that in the community. We’re going to keep the guns out of the hands of children,” said Shannon Krug.

She and Scarlett Hollingsworth are with Moms Demand Action. They say legislatures need to back tighter restrictions, and say “no” to a proposal that would repeal background checks.

“That would allow anyone to have access without going through the background checks that have been in place for years in North Carolina,” explained Hollingsworth.