Several Inches Of Snow Fall In Hickory, Across Catawba Valley

HICKORY, N.C. – People in the Foothills woke up to a Winter Wonderland, but it’s quickly turning into an icy mess.

“We took the risk. They never see snow, so this is worth it,” says Charleston, SC resident Gretchen Tate.

She brought her kids from up from Charleston to enjoy a snow day in Hickory.

“And it’s just pouring and cold at home, so this is much better, I think,” she says.

12-year-old Gina and 9-year-old Ben used boogie boards as improvised sleds.

It’s only the second time the two have seen snow.

“I don’t really remember it all, so… I thought it was gonna me more icy. But it’s like powdery,” Gina says.

Several inches of snow fell overnight, still some were brave enough to try and drive snow covered highways like Lenoir Rhyne Boulevard.

But not Kevin Shuford and Quinntavious Saddler.

They took to the highway… on foot.

“We’re here to get some firewood. Just a little bit of drinks for the home, just having fun in the snow,” Shuford says.

They had about a five minute walk home, not too bad they say.

“It’s cold. It’s a little deep, a little unexpected for Hickory, but we got what we wanted,” Shuford said.

We asked Saddler if he even considered driving.

“No, no sir, not even look at my car. Don’t know what a car is today,” he says.

As crews continue to plow the roads, even I-40 doesn’t look great.

Meantime, the Tate family had plans to head home Monday.

Now they’re not so sure.

“We knew we’d be snowed in today, but now I’m worried we may not get home tomorrow either,” Tate says.