VIDEO: Charlotte Family Demands Justice After Teen Is Attacked At Neighborhood Pool

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte family is demanding justice after a 14-year-old boy was attacked by a group of teens.  It happened May 18th.  The video shows the boy getting brutally beaten at a swimming pool in University City.  The boy is a student at Hopewell High School.

Witnesses say the group attacked him over a girl.  In the video, you can see one of the teens standing nearby with a gun tucked in his waist.  The teen was rushed to the hospital with several broken bones.

“This little boy saw the kids coming, tried to leave and they jumped him, and they beat him bad, and left him knocked out,” says Charles Robinson, a family friend.

The boy had a concussion and several broken bones.  He’s now home recovering.  We asked Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police if anyone has been charged in the assault.  So far, they have not responded.