Sunshine Makes Triumphant Return

With the clearer skies comes a steady warm-up.

Our first weekend of the month hasn’t been perfect, but it certainly feels like October. The good news for those clinging on to summer for dear life is that warmer temperatures are on the way. After a cloudy start to the day, expect eventual sunnier skies by the afternoon on Monday. Despite the increased sunshine, temperatures remain below average thanks to brisk northeasterly breezes. Winds remain out of the north for the next few days, but the sunny skies will allow for a steady warm-up through the workweek. Highs will top out near 80º on Friday in the Metro before another cooldown arrives by next weekend.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami is monitoring two areas of storms for development over the coming days. Neither of them are an immediate threat to the mainland U.S., but we’ll need to watch the Caribbean for signs of tropical activity. We’ll keep you posted.

Tonight: Variable clouds. Patchy drizzle NE. Low: 55°. Wind: NE 5-15.

Monday: Clouds give way to sun. Breezy. High: 68°. Wind: NE 5-15. Gusts: 20+

Monday Night: Clear and chilly. Low: 45°. Wind: NE 5-10.

Tuesday: Sunny skies. Comfy highs. High: 71°. Wind: N 5-10.