Security Guard Joins The Tennessee Dance Team For A Dance


KNOXVILLE, TENN. (WBIR) — On top of a big win for the Vols against Kentucky, the Tennessee Dance Team was able to score a big win with the crowd at Neyland Stadium this Saturday by putting on a dynamic and memorable performance featuring an unlikely guest.

The crowd lost it when a “security guard” standing in front of the dancers suddenly joined in on the fun and showed off his smooth moves.

The Vols dance team posted the video on TikTok and Instagram, and they say the response was “overwhelming” and “exciting.”

Michael Galyean isn’t actually a security guard at all, but he did technically fill the role for a brief moment.

“I actually worked the whole third quarter as security,” Galyean said.

He is actually an aspiring actor and dancer.

“I am a performer at heart,” he said.

He decided to put both of those skills to use Saturday when the Vols took on Kentucky by acting as a security guard and standing in front of the Vols dance team while they performed.

It all started with a phone call from the dance team’s coach, Kelly Tafazzoli.

“I knew that he could not only look the part, but he was a very talented dancer,” said Tafazzoli.

Tafazzoli said they just wanted to try something new.

“Just kind of a nice, like, a breather from the normal kind of show that we have put out there,” she said.

When Galyean made his way toward the dancers, people were confused.

“I see the shift in the crowd going, ‘Why are you in the way?'”

He then breaks out into some superb dance moves.

“And then when it flipped, their reaction was just such genuine shock and excitement,” he said.

The award-winning dance team posted the video on TikTok, gaining an overwhelming response.

“To see the joy that’s bringing other people… and that’s one of my main goals daily is just to make people smile,” said Galyean.